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About National Bearing Service
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National Bearing Service is a leading distributor of a complete line of bearings, including ball bearings, cylindrical roller, spherical roller, tapered roller, miniature, instrument, pillow block, and flanged. We have a large inventory of hard-to-find parts and have the ability to find you the bearings you’re looking for at the lowest possible price. Please see our line card within for a list of manufactures we stock or can provide using our extensive network of distributors.

Located in Branchburg, New Jersey, our headquarters includes a complete lubrication room, a shipping department with staff experienced in everything from small package shipments to pallets, a warehouse for all of our products, and an office for our sales team. Our 8,000sq/ft warehouse holds thousands of bearings, oil seals, and other industrial components.

As a family owned and operated business we are here to serve your every need.  We strive to build valuable customer relationships and are fully committed to making any interaction fast, friendly, and economical. Give us a try on your next bearing or industrial component order and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Let us help you save time and money.